Hi, I’m Janie. I’m an illustrator and cartoonist from California. My specialty is watercolor, but I use a lot of other things in my work as well. 

I started this blog in order to share different watercolor techniques I’ve developed over the years, along with other things I’ve figured out along the way. I’m all about taking effective shortcuts in life, so if I can save anyone some time or aggravation, I’d be super stoked. I consider this project sort of a “pay it forward” idea, imbued with gratitude to all the folks that have helped and continue to help me on my journey. 

I can be reached easily via e-mail: janiestapletonart@gmail.com 

I’m also easy to find around the web: 

Portfolio: http://www.janiestapleton.com
Comics: http://www.animallogiccomic.com
Merch: http://www.etsy.com/shop/JanieStapletonArt
Social: http://www.instagram.com/st.janie